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Shweta Chanda

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Spiritual Healer , Numerology , Tarot card reading , Reiki Healing ,

Hindi, Bangla, English


About Me

I AM A SPIRITUAL HEALER, WORKS WITH MORE THAN 15 PLUS SPIRITUAL MODALITIES. I CAN HELP WITH ENERGY HEALINGS, TAROT PREDICTIONS, NAME CHANGE AND MANY MORE, AWARDED 3 AWARDS IN A ROW OF 2 YEARS.It gives me immense pleasure to share a few words with you all. My name is Shweta Chanda born and brought up in Delhi in a middle-class family. My mom was a spiritual lady and I was entirely opposite however, my intuition was very strong since the childhood. Academically I am a business Administration graduate from Amity University, also graduated in Indian Classical music. I started working at a very early age, worked with various multinational companies in the Administration department. After my mom passed away at a very age, I was emotionally broke and that is the time when I felt the change in my inner self and started believing spirituality. Tarot is something that many of us associate with fortune telling and more often it's something most people don't take seriously. For a long time, but within the last few years it's become an invaluable tool. The journey to become a professional Tarot Reader has never been an easy one. It is very important to create a connection with Tarot cards while understanding the specific questions related to a situation that somebody is going through. Professionally doing Tarot reading for past 10 and half years. I also do Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Candle Healing, Witchcraft (Spell Casting). I am a tarot reader and healer. It is my pleasure to help more aware of your inner-self and any outside obstacles which might be preventing from living a happy fulfilling life because as we know, it’s very important to take care of one another here on earth! Thank you very much.

Health and Family issues advice , Spiritual/Reiki healing , Love and Relationship advice , Career and business advice , Marriage consultation

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