Vivah-Phere Pooja


Marriage is one of the most important and pleasant events in an individual’s life of couple who enters to the important phase of life of ‘Grahasthashram’ from Brahmacharayashram.

According to the Hindu beliefs, Marriages are made in the heaven, and once marriage is done, the bond is supposed to be forever. Through marriage the couple pay the debt to forefathers, by procreating children and ensuring continuation of his family’s lineage. Hindu weddings are performed with long process, with various rituals. Every custom in a wedding ceremony has deep spiritual significance. All over the world, Hindus adhere to these set of rituals for marriages.

Performing Phere Pooja indicates as an invitation to ancestors, Gods and Goddesses by performing various rituals and give the blessing to the couple. Performing all rituals of marriage during Phere pooja correctly by Professional Pandit/s has therefore great importance as this really bless the couple forever.

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Advantages of this Pooja:
    • True performance of marriage pooja/ Phere gives spiritual blessing and bond between couples.
    • Performing all rituals of Phere Pooja correctly by Professional Pandit/s really bless the couple forever.
    • Phere pooja gives bonding to the relationship between both families.
    • Phere Pooja done effectively with true faith and procedure ensures happiness to the couples.
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    • Pooja Cost: On Site (At your place-home or office): Rs 3100/- 
    • Pandit ji- 1 No's
    • Duration-4 to 5 hours
    • only phere pooja
Price : Rs 6100/-
Special Price : Rs 3100/-
Location :Delhi NCR
Category : Ghar Pe Pooja/-

Your pooja for marriage phere will be performed as per procedure to fulfil your wishes and happy married life of couple and entire family.

    If you want some special pooja or pooja with more Pandits to be done, please write to us in detail through CONTACT US option or ON REQUEST-SPECIAL POOJA category under BOOK POOJA option.


Marriage is a sacred union. The Fire during phere acts as the witness to this Holy Union. The promises made during phere are lifelong commitments that bride and groom make to each other.

Performing phere pooja ensures the blessings of all our ancestors, gods and goddess and bestows harmony, prosperity for happy married life of the couple.

For phere pooja, the bride and groom sit at the mandap along with their family members for a long prayer. The prayer takes the form of a Hawan. During phere, the couple and pandit throw the samagri to deflect the evil eye. It’s very important that these rituals are performed according to the laid down Hindu traditions.


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