About Us

About Us

About Us

AstroPandit Om is India's most economic portal offering pooja booking at minimum cost. Book pooja of your choice for your home, office or Online today.

How We Work

This is the first step to connect with AstroPanditOm.You are welcome to book the Pooja of your choice on our Website/ App. We have three main categories of the pooja as under ...view more

Why Astro Pandit Om

It is said that our tithe means 10% of our income should go towardsreligious, spiritual and charitable activities. The spiritual activities like charity, devotional and pooja performances done regularly keeps us away from various hindrances in our lives and bestow tremendous peace, good health and success in our lives. Pooja as per Vedic rituals . ...view more

Our Aim

“AstroPandit Om” is here to bring the happiness in your life by a simple means. Our lives are influenced by blessings of the GOD, nine planets, our ancestors (pitru) and others. Sometimes many of us really don’t know what wrong is going on in our life and why. Planets placed in our horoscope at the time of birth determines the good and bad effects on our life. Sometimes bad position of planets in our horoscopes, pitru dosh (ancestors) affects our happiness, peace and progress. A simple pooja relevant to the actual need can connect us to the cosmic intelligence to avert any hindrances in your life and bestow tremendous peace and success in your life. Therefore, we must understand the power of pooja. ...view more

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